these Terms govern your use of ComeToHere, Live Write, Canmessages, and other products offered by US. Except where we expressly inform you that separate terms apply and not those present.

terms of Service

1. what is cometohere ?

Cometohere is a social network that allows users to use Live Write, a type of software that allows the exchange of direct live messages from writing (whenever you type a letter, the receiver sees it without the need to send it) ). It also allows the publication of videos, comerst and has a dedicated space only for messages (CanMessages).

these terms will determine whether or not you continue to use our services so we recommend that you pay attention to the term and the rest, for use of our services we advise you to be at least 13 years of age (or turn 13 in the current year). In the event of using our services at a false upper age, we will not be liable for any kind of damages.

the use of cometohere is not charged there is someone because our priority is to show and give our services as much as we get the people interested in them who can enjoy it.

starting from the moment of your registration means that you agree to the terms and policies, in legal terms this is understood as a contract between you and us so read carefully to notice.

using our services you will come across ads, we advise you do not panic because these ads are not kind of weird link, is that institutions and organizations ask us to present you their products, by the way the ads do not interfere with anything you do in cometohere. By using our services you have the right to delete your account, if you are annoyed with our services, we take care of our rights so we maintain conditions of use on our services, so use our services to do what is possible and in a legal way.

2. what do our services allow ?

2.1. send and receive written, audio or video messages.

2.2. make comerst of written, audio or video content and comment, feel, Share, report.

2.3. make Comerst of videos in the channel field with a recommended maximum size of 5 Megabytes (MB) depending on your taste and still be seen and followed by other users.

2.4. advertise your product in the trade field.

2.5. write book and phrases with Love Story, action, science fiction etc. depending on your choice, as long as it does not go against the codes of conduct.

2.6. vent and not be identified in the confess field.

2.7. search people, Comerst, videos on Channel, history and more.

2.8. send and receive write message, letter by letter, in Live write software.

2.9. follow people, be followed, unfollow or block.

2.10. change the way our services are presented to you ( change the color ).

2.11. change the time zone in which you will see Comerst, sms, and notifications.

2.12. change the language in which ComeToHere is presented to you for more than 80 languages.

2.13. report a problem.

2.14. ask for help.

3. codes of conduct

content, or actions that go against these terms are not allowed. When you agree to these terms, you are required to comply with the following rules :

3.1. you must respect the people you follow, such as their privacy.

3.2. do not commit any illegal act.

3.3. do not engage in any activity that exploits, harms or threatens to harm children.

3.4. do not send spam. Spam refers to unwanted or unsolicited content of mass e-mail messages, publications, contact requests, SMS (text messages) or instant messages.

3.5. do not engage in fraud, falsehood or misleading acts (e.g., asking for money under false pretenses or forging someone).

3.6. do not intentionally circumvent any restrictions on access or availability of the services.

3.7. you must avoid any activity that is harmful to you, to the services or to third parties (for example, transmission of viruses, persecution, publication of terrorist content or violent extremism, incitement to hatred or incitement to acts of violence against third parties).

3.8. do not violate the rights of others (for example, unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music or other copyrighted material).

3.9. do not engage in any activity that violates the privacy of others.

3.10. do not commit harassment.

3.11. do not disclose someone else's content without your approval(example intimate videos of someone).

3.12. do not help or influence others to violate these rules.

4. Code of conduct of our fields.

your attitudes should not be related to :

4.1. abusive behavior.

4.2. pornographic content.

4.3. false information.

4.4. fakes.

4.5. sale of illicit substances.

4.6. constrict.

4.7. Human Trafficking.

4.8. terrorist and extremist attacks.

5. punishments

Cometohere reserves the right to refuse User Content if it exceeds the storage limits or the file size allowed by the service. In addition, if the user violates any of the code of conduct or otherwise materially violates these Terms, Cometohere may take action against the user including (without limitation) closing the user's account immediately for just cause or blocking the delivery of a communication (such as a message, file sharing or Live Write message) or the services.

Cometohere also reserves the right to remove or block user content from the services at any time if it believes it may violate applicable law or these Terms. During the investigation of alleged violations of these Terms, Cometohere reserves the right to review User Content in order to resolve the issue. However, Cometohere cannot monitor the services and makes no attempt to do so except in fields that require approval.

data policies

1. what do you agree with when using our products ?

by using our products, you agree, accept and are bound by this policy which may be changed at any time without immediate notice (you will be notified later or sooner).

2. information collected

2.1. personal information

personal information is the data provided by you during registration (these include : name, date of birth, email). This information is not shared with third parties unless you authorize us in any way.

2.2. Device Information

we collect information about the computers, mobile phones, and other Internet-connected devices that you use to access our products. For example, we use the information we collect about your use of our products on your phone to better personalize the content (including ads) or features you see when you use our products on another device, or to measure whether you took action in response to an ad we showed you on your phone or on a different device, and also to improve the performance of our products.

the information obtained from these devices includes:

Device Information: operating system, software and hardware versions, available storage space, browser type;

device identifications .

device Settings Data: information that you allow us to receive through the device settings that you enable.

cookie data: data stored on your device to improve the use of ComeToHere.

3. Cookies, What are they and how do we use them ?

we set cookies as micro-data (small data) that we store on the devices you sign in to. This is for a quick and quick login on the devices you have already used, and it may not even be necessary to enter the email (or username) or even the password.

the information stored in cookies is small information among them may include the login data. These data are sometimes (not always ) stored indefinitely. This data may be deleted by you after the end of the session.

4. security of your information.

ComeToHere observes all applicable standards regarding personal information security measures, also, we have the most advanced industry standards regarding the protection of personal information, including, among other measures, firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (SSL). We regard our users ' data as a precious asset that must be protected from any loss or unauthorized access. Therefore, we employ various security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access. Still, it is necessary to consider that absolute security does not exist on the internet, because the security of your data does not depend 100% on us, it also depends on you(the way you use our products and a strong enough password).

ComeToHere shall not be liable for illegal interceptions or violation of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons, nor shall it be liable for the misuse of the information obtained by such means.

5. How is your information shared ?

the information that is shared is your public information (username), and is only shared when you interact with someone or publish, after this information is necessary for other people to identify you.

in the case of third parties (advertisers ), your information is not shared ( as described above), but you must bear in mind that we no longer have responsibility for the information provided by you after interaction with an advertiser link (advertising). So before you give any information to them you are advised to read their policies and terms.

6. How can you manage or delete your information ?

you can change, update or delete your account. However, once you provide the data (during registration), it is not possible to delete data strictly necessary for the use of our products (Name, email, age), and only updating them is possible.

when you delete your account, we delete the content you've posted (such as your photos and status updates) and you won't be able to retrieve that information later. This information is only deleted from your account, so that ComeToHere works properly, we allow other users to see information you have shared or published. The information that others have shared about you is not part of your account and will not be deleted.

how will we notify you of changes to these terms and policies ?

1. notifications

changes to these policies are made with caution and careful attention to key points.

we may notify you before or after the change to these policies (and it may not be prior notice), after the change you will have the option to update your data, delete your posts and even delete your account if you do not agree. You can find notifications about changes to policies or terms by clicking the email field, and then clicking the cometohere email.

Note :

ComeToHere does not allow the right or indirect copying of its services without our permission, or the copying of this same document. If you commit these acts, you will be prosecuted.